Heidi Voelker

Deer Valley’s Ambassador of Skiing, Heidi Voelker was a 12-year member (1985 to 1997) of the U.S. Ski Team and has competed in the Olympics three times. Heidi also competed on the World Championship Team for the U.S. three times.  She has six top-10 World Cup finishes to her credit, including a third place finish in 1994.  Heidi was the 1994 National Champion in Giant Slalom and finished her illustrious racing career with a third place finish in the giant slalom event at the U.S. Nationals in 1997.

Voelker began skiing when she was two years old, chasing her two older brothers and older sister through the ski areas of the Berkshires. Her obvious talent at the sport launched her into junior competition where she earned the World Junior Slalom Silver Medal (1987), and was named Junior Alpine Skier of the Year (1988). She moved to Park City, Utah in 1990.

Heidi Voelker became a “head gear” skier for Deer Valley Resort in 1995 and was named Deer Valley’s Ambassador of Skiing in 1997.  As Ambassador, Heidi skis with groups, media and VIPs, attends special events and activities at the Resort, and can be seen shredding up the slopes frequently with her signature oh-so-smooth style. 

In honor of Voelker’s accomplishments in the competitive ski world, Park City named a street near the Utah Olympic Park after her: Voelker Court. Heidi is also the first woman, and living person, to be featured on a Utah license plate.

Heidi resides in Park City with her husband, Tim and two sons, Lucas and Stefan.

8 thoughts on “Heidi Voelker

  1. Hi Heidi,
    Do you have a high resolution face shot and ski Utah license plate picture that you could send me? We are making the Snowdance invitation look like a license plate with you on it.
    Thank you so much for agreeing to speak. We are excited to have you.
    All the best,
    Melisa Harrison

  2. Hi Heidi I am in sixth grade and I go to Williamsburg middle/high school. When I read your blog I was amazed that you have been in the olympics three times!!! I LOVE to ski and I hope to go to deer valley.We might take a trip there this year. I have a blog and was hoping for you to visit it at http://wmsgrace7.edublogs.org/ I would absolutley LOVE to have you visit my blog it would mean so much to me!!!!!!! I hope to see you visiting my blog….. Gracie

  3. Hi Heidi,
    This is Grace and I was wandering if you would please post a comment on my blog. The reason is that our class is trying to get the most comments and if you would post a comment it would help me alot!! Another reason is that I would Love to have an olympic skiier post on my blog!!!!! I was so interested in your blog that I read it like oe thousand times! What was your favorite part of being in the olympics? I love skiing so much that you can’t even see my wall in my room because it is filled with posters and pictures of skiing! Do you still ski? I really hope to see a comment on my blog by you (it would make my day) because it would be AMAZING to have an olympic skiier post on my blog! Have a nice day bye.

  4. Hello,
    My name is Noelle Edwards and I am writing to see if you would be willing to do an interview with me. I am from Stratton Mountain School and we are celebrating the 40th Anniversary by contacting alumni and interviewing them about their time at SMS. If you are interested, please let me know and I would love to email you the questions.


  5. Hi Heidi, I met you @ the cancer center with Tori. Have you seen the video where she’s featured & is laughing & talking about meeting me? My daughter (friend Mike/Lisa Herring), her 2 kids & my husband & I are coming to Park City next week. Staying in Herring house, lucky us! Would love to connect with you if possible, have you meet my famiy…hope you & your family (kids) are well…Sarah the volunteer

  6. Thanks for taking time this past season to say hello and chat with my guests in ski school. When you do that (and you are sooooo good at it) it makes the Guests feel important, it validates me as an instructor, and makes the Resort seem so much more…. Cool. You come into contact with so many DV Staff and guests, that I’m pretty sure you don’t remember this particular time, but the Guests (and I) surely do.

    Thanks again, and continue being SuperGirl!

    Johnny Cocca

  7. Hi Heidi…could you give me a call about Larry. Trying to satisfy his Ski Boot needs but need to talk to you.
    John Kirby @ Ski Fanatics 413-822-0975 my cell

    Thanks so much…

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