Emily Summers

Emily Summers is the Communications Manager at Deer Valley Resort. Emily, who has a BA from the College of Communication, Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University, has been in the communications department at Deer Valley since 2006.  She coordinates the public relations and communications efforts of the award-winning Resort, including special events, social media and maintaining relationships with luxury travel, ski industry and other local and domestic media outlets.

One thought on “Emily Summers

  1. We will be in Deer Valley from Dec 28-Jan 3. Family of 4, a 14 and a 9 year old.
    We are trying to plan our days in advance. What do you recommend for the 31st and New Year’s? I read about the torchlight parade on the 30th. Last year we did the snowmobiling and the Olympic Park. We plan on skiing about 3 days.
    Any recommendations or must-do’s?

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