Deer Valley Resort’s Purchase of Solitude Mountain Resort Official

ADeer Valley Resort successfully closed on the purchase of Solitude Mountain Resort on April 30, 2015. As of today, May 1, 2015 Deer Valley will begin operating Solitude Mountain Resort in its entirety. Deer Valley Resort appointed Kim Mayhew as Solitude Mountain Resort’s new general manager in January, which also became effective today.


“This is an exciting venture for both Solitude Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort,” said Kim Mayhew, general manager of Solitude Mountain Resort. “As a member of the Deer Valley team for more than 30 years, I look forward to sharing with Solitude Resort similar values and practices that make Deer Valley one of the best operated resorts in the country.”

“Solitude is an incredible resort and will be in great hands with Kim at the helm,” said Bob Wheaton, president and general manager of Deer Valley Resort. “Deer Valley staff worked hand-in-hand with Solitude staff this past winter to share knowledge and develop strong plans for the future.”

Deer Valley’s first capital improvement announcement to Solitude for the 2015-2016 ski season will be to remove the current Summit double chairlift and install a new detachable high-speed quad.

Also, a new ski run will be cut from the top of the existing Apex Express chairlift to the bottom terminal of the realigned Summit Express chairlift, significantly lessening the current travel time to Honeycomb Canyon. Other priority improvements include; remodeling the Moonbeam Lodge restaurant, an increased guest service presence throughout the resort and new uniforms for Solitude staff.

For more information about Deer Valley’s purchase of Solitude Mountain Resort, please visit 

15 Responses

  1. Brett says:

    Goodbye Honeycomb powder.

  2. Helen Roberds says:

    As one of the ski instructors for Solitude (and I hope to be one of the DV ski instructors), I was excited to hear about the purchase. Although the high speed quad up Summit will be nice in one way, it will also put many more skiers there, we have become very protective of Summit & Honeycomb ~ not liking to share its wonderfulness..:) We’ll get over it, I promise. 🙂
    I look forward to all the great things DV will bring to the resort. Thanks.


  3. Michael Harp says:

    i thought years ago that the new powder horn chair and realignment would effect honeycomb powder.
    It did in both a positive and negative way. Now with an easy access from apex to Summit my favorite Headwall Forrest will be gone in a flash. Times are a changing and powder unfortunately will not last like it used too. I guess I’ll have to go ski Deer Valley for that. Cough, cough…

  4. Brenda says:

    Way more people at the summit?! BOO HOO! Fun, challenging runs will be littered with intermediate skiers, who clog up the Mtn. I sure hope I am wrong.

    And way more people in Honeycomb, too- I AM NOT HAPPY!

    We will see if I will be solely an Alta skier.

  5. Kyle says:

    So Much for Solitude being awesome. Income the obnoxious gapers from Deer Valley. Deer Valley everything wrong with skiing. They need to cut a run from apex so the gapers can get to the summit chair. Before you know it these champions of opulence will close the backcountry.

  6. richard says:

    Is the new Solitude Deer Valley going to reflect the pricing for lift ticket? Our family has been vacationing here for 20 years. We hope it’s not going to change too much.

  7. Attila Relenyi & Janice Shawl says:

    We paid $450 each as per the ticket plan of Solitude, we did not use the tickets, and as per the terms of that purchase, the money not taken out for tickets, would pass to the next season to be used in that plan, well, once folks have your money, they have a hard time to give it back, as Deer Valley folks are noted for their love of real estate, not known for skiing, and money is the main driver, I do hope to get our money back or if not getting it back, to have the original plan in place and for us not to be goofed in regards of the monies, we have the original terms in hand, so I would assume the new owners will have enough of OPM (other people’s money) so they give it back or provide the same good deal as did Solitude, we have skied Solitude back in the days when one could find an affordable hamburger on the mountain, today, it is simply about real estate,

    respect fully, but plainly written in plain English, Attila Relenyi (Altaholic)

  8. Deer Valley says:

    Hello Richard, thank you for reaching out to Deer Valley Resort. The Solitude pass products are still being determined for the 2015-16 season. As soon as we have more information we will let you know. Thanks again for reaching out and we hope to see you on the Solitude Slopes next season.

  9. orangeboots says:

    We love Solitude, and Deer Valley! what a great fit for Deer Valley to offer snowboarding and nordic skiing now. However, please help solve the larger issues at hand for us being: 1) Affordability… it’s great that Deer Valley is a boutique resort, and has an affluent customer base that will pay for a great product. I skied Deer Valley until I had a family… then we can’t afford $7500 annually for passes. Please consider the local community that you serve, and price a better locals product. 2) Traffic and parking… we all heard about Park City complaining about gridlock 2015. BCC is that way every Saturday and holiday weeks. We need real solutions now, not a 30 year plan and billions of dollars for a train. Even if that looked like a reservations system for weekends and holidays that comes with a parking spot attached. Lastly, thanks for promoting Kim, she was my boss 20 years ago in the ski school and was always fair and well organized; she will do whatever she can to make it a success. She’s the right person to convey that Deer Valley isn’t snobbish and elitist (even if the tourists are) to the locals… great service is always appreciated and has been lacking on the Wasatch front.

  10. Brett says:

    I’m sad to see the Summit lift go because I think high speed lifts attract more skiers which that part of the mountain really can’t handle especially if Honeycomb is closed. I don’t think it will ruin the whole mountain, though. But you know what will kill this fantastic ski resort? The One Wasatch plan. You can’t let Alta build a lift from LCC to the top of Honeycomb. The best part about skiing in BCC is the separation we get from the animals in LCC. I’m fine with sharing the mountain with DV skiers. They’re nice and seem to like groomers. Alta/Bird skiers are just savages. Alta needs to connect to Brighton or Solitude will turn into an intersection for people going from LCC to Park City. That would be the worst thing that could happen.

  11. Britton says:

    I am curious if Deer Valley plans to keep the disc golf course on the mountain. I’ve heard that new management isn’t to impressed with the course, and planned to take it out. This would directly effect hundreds of disc golfers, not only in our state, but many, many people that travel to Utah to enjoy the beauty of the solitude disc golf course. Please keep the course. I’ve lived in Utah, my entire life and have never been on the snow. But I can tell you there are people that enjoy that mountain in the summer months, just as much as the winter due to disc golf. Thanks for everything deer valley!!

  12. Deer Valley says:

    Hi Britton,
    The disc golf course will be open this summer. Solitude’s summer season will be June 19 through Labor Day with lift operations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. We are also continuing to offer disc golf rentals daily at the Village Adventure Center.

  13. Deer Valley says:

    Thanks for your feedback Brett. We are replacing the Summit chairlift this summer as it is nearing its end of life. We hope you can see your way to enjoying the upgrade and please let us know if we can answer any other questions.

  14. Deer Valley says:

    Thank you for your feedback and your kind words about Kim. We will make sure to pass along your comments.

  15. […] the Doppelmayr side, Deer Valley took ownership of Solitude Mountain Resort on May 1 and confirmed they will build a replacement Summit Express […]

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