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Ted Ligety Named Deer Valley Resort’s Global Athlete Ambassador

Deer Valley Resort is pleased to announce a partnership with decorated alpine skier, Ted Ligety. Ligety is a Park City, UT, resident, two-time Olympic champion and five-time World Champion. Effective immediately, Ligety will be the resort’s Global Athlete Ambassador. The partnership was announced today during the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s Annual Partner Summit at the Center of Excellence

#SkiTheDifference Tip Series – Week 8

Trust Your Outside Ski A skill that all good skiers practice is aligning their bodies so that pressure is directed to the ski that is on the outside of each turn. At slower speeds the outside ski should build only slightly more pressure than the inside ski, and at higher speeds A LOT more. This helps achieve solid

The Art of Spring Skiing

Outside of some basic technical facts, there are few rules that apply to skiing in general, but when it comes to spring skiing, there’s a capital advice that should always be considered very seriously: Do it early in the day! Even if you are on vacation, it’s always worth getting out of bed early. Program

Leap Year Birthday Boy

Leap Year is now my favorite holiday—because it means that we get an extra ski day every four years! In honor if Leap Year, I’m introducing you to Deer Valley’s own…Leap Baby. He has skied at Deer Valley for ten years—which is astounding, considering he’s only having his third birthday this year. He has two

Attempt at skiing, #2!

I woke up this time and felt so much more at ease for the upcoming ski adventure. I knew that I could at least wedge down the mountain if absolutely necessary, but that Eddy probably would be rather disappointed (and that is something that I couldn’t handle). After I went through the process of getting

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