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Ski Patroller Ron Palmer-Leger Celebrates 25 Years at Deer Valley

My friend Ron Palmer-Leger recently celebrated his 25th anniversary as a member of Deer Valley Resort Ski Patrol,  at the resort’s annual “Years of Service” dinner for employees. He’s also a captain with the Park City Fire Department, as well as an accomplished cyclist and cross-country skier. The Albuquerque, NM, native first visited Park City

Six Benefits My Kids STILL Get from Ski School at Deer Valley

  This week, my boys will have their last session of Children’s Sunday Ski Experience. A lot of my friends, particularly those from out of town, are surprised that Lance, 12, and Seth, 8, still take ski lessons as they are advanced skiers, who frequent bumps and tree runs. Our family time seems increasingly precious, as their schedules

Granddaughter’s Ski Lesson Day 2 – Six-Year-Old Skier and Her Good Luck Charm

Athletes have pre-game rituals to give them an edge on game day. Some eat the same pre-game meal, follow an exact series of steps when getting ready or wear the same article of clothing. If they believe this helps, maybe it actually does translate into better performance. But for kids, there is no question about it –

Victory Laps

So here’s how it went down. On a recent Monday Seth and I saw our friends Stacey, and her daughter, Josie, in the supermarket parking lot. Stacey was walking swiftly, noteworthy because of her recovery from hip surgery in September (days after my own knee surgery, so we had lots of chats about pain management

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