Our Night with Dierks Bentley and the rest of Park City

DB 22

I asked my friend if she wanted to be my date for the Dierks Bentley concert at the Deer Valley Resort Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater. She immediately text me back, “Would love to! I’m getting drunk on a plane…it’s Mardi Gras up in the clouds. Buying drinks for everybody but the pilot, it’s a party.”

I thought, wow, she’s having a fun summer! I told her to have fun on her trip, but to save some fun for our night out. Funny right? She wasn’t actually on a plane getting drunk (I am sure you knew that), she was quoting one of Dierks Bentley’s new songs. I obviously had a lot to learn. And I did, fast.

I walked into a sea of Dierks Bentley fans, “The Congress,” and it was awesome! The venue itself is one of a kind. The Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater at Deer Valley Resort is absolutely majestic. Every concert I have ever been to at this venue has resulted in the entertainer commenting about the fact that they have the perfect seat to take in the amazing view, which is a rare gift from the stage.

249 Deer Valleys Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater

DB 12

We had general admission seating tickets, which means you can bring blankets and/or small lawn chairs with you. We pre-ordered a Deer Valley Resort Gourmet Picnic Basket for the full experience. It didn’t take long and we all became one big Dierks Bentley family. The night was gorgeous. The crowd was perfectly clad in cowboy hats and boots. It seemed like everyone knew every word and if they were like me and didn’t, they were still on their feet because Dierks Bentley was THAT GOOD!

Here is our night in pictures.

DB 1

The awesome volunteers were ready for a little country! Good vibes from the very beginning.

DB 2

My friend Julie and I heading up to find a spot in “The Congress!” And also, a glimpse of the amazing view from the stage.

DB 3

Thinking ahead, we ordered a Deer Valley Resort Gourmet Picnic Basket. Order them 24 hours before your concert. They have a few options; vegetarian, beef and salmon. We went with salmon and steak with baguettes, wine, brownies on a stick and more!! Pure awesomeness. It was beyond yummy. You can bring your own food into the venue but it probably won’t be this good. I highly recommend enjoying your concert with a Gourmet Picnic Basket.

DB 4


DB 9

(Brownie on a stick) YES PLEASE! My favorite part of the Gourmet Picnic Basket had to be the salted caramel chocolate brownie pop.

DB 11

A little boy let me borrow his cowboy hat. Next time, I’m dressing the part.

DB 5

It was such a big event with a HUGE star but it is always local when you are in Park City. I ran into many friends in the crowd.

DB 6

I really enjoyed the views of the crowd with a beautiful setting sun. Honestly, it couldn’t have been a more perfect night with regards to weather. I think everyone fed off of that and knew it was going to be special.

DB 8

DB 10

Here is our view before the concert started and everyone got on their feet.

DB 14

Fans of every age rocked out all night. Everyone was standing up dancing after the first couple of songs. There was no need for sitting and no reason to! The crowd was rocking the entire time.

DB 16

Rock On!

DB 17

It didn’t take long before the front was filled with a bunch of beautiful women! And Dierks loved every second of it! It was awesome.

DB 20

These girls on the side of the stage knew every word to every one of his songs. I watched the crowd almost as much as I watched the stage!

DB 21

He told stories about his guitar and even commented that Park City brought something special out in his comedy…”I’m killing it tonight” he said to his band and he was. He said, “We are Southwest fliers. We like to think we are all preferred!” And then he went straight into “Drunk On A Plane”. The crowd went wild!

DB 24

It was such a fun concert that we didn’t want it to end. However, walking to the car we got to see this amazing sunset. This capped the night off perfectly. Have you been to a concert at the Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater? Share your experience with me in the comments below or on Twitter  and @Deer_Valley.

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Steve KuehnTed Ligety....one of the greatest world class skiers on earth skiing at my favorite place on earth!! Thank you!! What great technique, balance, speed, carving and weight on downhill ski!!!😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀😀😀

22 hours ago   ·  3

Steve KuehnI wish I could ski that well!! I am good and focus on the basics and technique, but I am nowhere near that good....Heaven on earth to me is skiing and / or teaching people to ski every day!!

17 hours ago   ·  3

Lisa K SimpkinsNo wonder my favorite run was closed 2 weeks ago. He was going so fast I never saw him.

11 hours ago

Patricia Wollerok, maybe he goes a little, just a little faster than I... one think is certain, that is one of my favorite runs!

13 hours ago   ·  1

Laura Nolle SpurlinEmily Spurlin Abby Spurlin this is my favorite run "mountaineer" !!⛷

22 hours ago   ·  2

Tom ThomasVery impressive, Patty must be proud.

21 hours ago

Ted ForbesBill Mitchell I think you can take him

22 hours ago

Hideko ShimabukuroOMG that's so fast...! Made me dizzy watching it. 😅

13 hours ago

Dan PeoplesBill Liguori this looks a lot like Marc D. Lewis without the aqua green, one piece jump suit.

24 hours ago

James EvansLooks fantastic there at Deer Valley --- look forward to a Huge Season for Ted in 2017 / 2018 as well as the Winter Olympics . . .

19 hours ago

Effie Baramso rad having the mountain totally to yourself....VIP treatment

15 hours ago

Nikki GraceI want to go. Just not that fast.

17 hours ago

Miguel CamposRenzzo B Namuche ese weon skia igual a mi csm jajaja

21 hours ago   ·  1

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Barbara JonesThis is one of my favorite runs at Deer Valley!

14 hours ago

Kirk HoffmanI've skied that, but not quite in the same way!

21 hours ago

Joseph HamiltonJet propulsion?

21 hours ago

Michael O'SullivanYeah, and I would be just ahead of you 😜

19 hours ago

Karl ByrneThe true mountain sport, pure speed

12 hours ago

Arlen Gilbertpretty much how I imagine I look when I ski.

23 hours ago

Rachel O'SullivanMichael O'Sullivan this is what I look like on that run

23 hours ago

Billy GlosWayne Wilkinson is that you?!! Crazy!

12 hours ago

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Elizabeth HaleIt even feels fun 😁😁

17 hours ago

Leigh Gallagher WaltersWow

12 hours ago

Damian Benitez VillegasAmazing race Miguel.

4 hours ago

Dienna Armstrong LehnerDon't forget to duck😜

20 hours ago

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